SeisNav Resolve™ Velocity QC

SeisNav Resolve™ contains numerous Velocity QC features. Many ASCII time/velocity pairs files will input directly. These velocity files can be linearly interpolated in all three dimensions to provide a data cube.

A T/V pairs file can be edited inside the 'Velocity Edit Display'. This display shows a two dimensional representation of the velocity field on one side, while allowing the editing of a profile of a single velocity function on the other. Horizon files can also be overlaid on both sides. The '2D Display' portion immediately updates after every move of the profile. The resulting T/V pairs can be written out to a new file.

The '2D Display' supports a seismic data display with a velocity field underlay. The velocity data will be color coded underneath a variable area or dual polarity display.

The 'Cube Displays' can be used to check a velocity cube for consistency in all directions. Three dimensional animation through a group of isosurfaces is easily accomplished.

The 'Profile Display' can represent the velocities as a two dimensional graph, a three dimensional histogram, or a three dimensional surface.

Cube Display of velocity volume with isosurface

Velocity Edit of 2D velocity field