SeisNav Resolve™


SeisNav Resolve™ is a premier 3D Seismic/Navigation Quality Control Software Package. The range of applications span from seismic and navigation merge, full feature binning and interactive seismic processing to bottom cable and land residual navigation corrections. All features are fully integrated with QC plots (file output in Compuserve GIF or other image file formats and hardcopy to postscript printer). The variety of display types include 3D interactive movies, 2D displays for seismic, map headers and shooting navigation. All are supported by postscript printing.

The Resolve Marine package has proven effective on numerous deep-water marine jobs since 1992. Resolve OBC and Resolve Land were introduced in 1994. They have received praise from both client and processing for contributions to several surveys.


Primary Features



Latest Release - Version 3.8.0 (Available 6/00)


New Features and Modifications - 3.8.0

SEG Y input

SEG Y format tapes may now be input under Foreign Tape Input. Most single trace processes may be performed during SEG Y tape input, and trace headers may be remapped from thdesc_forn to thdesc_gqc.

Velocity input

A problem with ProMAX T/V pairs files with line name longer than 8 characters has been fixed. It was brought to our attention after testing on this release, that T/V pairs files exported from ProMAX 7 are a different format. Input of these files will be available on the next release.

2D Displays

A number of memory leaks which caused eventual display crash have been fixed.

Cube Displays

A number of memory leaks which caused display crashes have been fixed.

Shooting Nav

A problem with the color palette being truncated has been resolved. This problem was generally only seen on systems using the Common Desktop Environment, i.e. Solaris 2.5.1 and above and AIX 4.x.

Velocity Edit

A number of memory leaks which caused display crashes have been fixed. In addition, a problem with only some traces appearing in the profile has been fixed.

Velocity Processor

Capability to convert RMS and Interval velocities to Average velocity functions has been added.


Clean up of temporary files created during job executions, was generally incomplete. This problem has been fixed, so that the only build up of files in the system scratch directory is the log and temporary parameter files.