SeisNav Company History


SeisNav software had its beginnings in 1991 and 1992, with the development of ProMAX 3rd party tools for QC of deep water marine navigation. These tools were used successfully in TGS offices and in the field on Gulf of Mexico deep water surveys. In 1993, development began on a stand alone package with the same capabilities for deep water marine navigation QC. The initial release of SeisNav Resolve™ was deployed on its first survey in the last quarter of 1993 in cooperation with the Danish company ODS. Since then, we have developed more tools for QC of land survey and OBC navigation, as well as binning and velocity visualization QC. To date, the software has been used in the field for geometry QC and binning on more than 20 deep water marine, land, and OBC seismic surveys.

In addition to field leases of the software, there are 20 licenses in processing centers and in the field, with a number of multiple seat licenses at PGS Tensor offices around the world. In 1997, we integrated our software into an OBC real time field QC system for Syntron (contact Syntron directly for availability of this system).

SeisNav Resolve™ has a modular design which enables us to easily put together customized packages for those clients who only need certain parts of the entire product. The software has an X Windows graphical user interface, runs under UNIX/X Windows, and is coded in C and C++. It is currently available on leading UNIX workstation hardware, i.e. IBM RS/6000, SUN Sparc, and Pentium Pro PCs running Solaris X86.

About SeisNav Resolve™