Interactive Multidimensional Data Displays


In SeisNav Resolve™, we have always emphasized visualization of seismic and navigation data, and the variety of display tools available are the result. Although some of the displays available are designed for viewing specific data, most provide the flexibility to view more than one type of data in more than one way. All of the displays also provide a means of interacting in the form of buttons. Some of the features common to all displays;

  • Postscript plotting.
  • Raster and screen dumps in a variety of image file formats.
  • Text labels (automated and manual)
  • Zooming controls.
  • On-line help
  • Color controls including color histograms, palette creation and saving, and rotating, changing, and interpolating palettes.
  • Full annotation at 5 levels.

Cube Display of seismic data

Stack data displayed with time variant fold underlay

MAP Edit Display of survey locations on a satellite image