Multi featured Binning Package output as SEG Y


The binning tools provided in SeisNav Resolve™ can be used before or during production to analyze a survey. When a survey is being designed, the software will provide binning and coverage analysis to help achieve the desired offset and azimuth results. During shooting, the software can show the effects of moved shots and receivers on total fold, offset, or azimuth content. Viewing the binning information using SeisNav Resolve™ displays is simple. The Binning Display is available to show each bin’s information content. Fold maps can be created as a 2D map, 3D surface, or 3D histogram. The binning information can also be viewed in 2D Display as shown below. For more details on binning in SeisNav Resolve™, see Other Packages.

Binning Display of azimuth fold

Color coded flat fold map

Color coded surface fold map

Time Variant Fold plot (offset going down)